10 Best Exercises To Do At Home For Men

Regular exercises offer countless benefits. It boosts your immune system, improves your bone health and lowers health risks like heart problem, diabetes and many more life threatening diseases. With the growing family responsibilities and demanding jobs, exercise takes a backseat in the priorities list. Most of us give brilliant excuses for not exercising regularly. Being too busy is the most common excuse one makes. But, with proper planning you can take some time out of your hectic schedule for your future own well-being. There is no doubt that regular exercise is the best path to live fit and healthy life.


The 10 Best Exercises for Men

You′ve heard the advice: Switch up your routine every four to six weeks to avoid plateaus.

But with so many exercises to choose from, this can easily become an exercise in frustration—unless you start with the moves below. Pepper them throughout your workouts, or combine all 10, for the ultimate total-body circuit.

Either way, you′ll enjoy the same payoffs: more muscle, fewer injuries, and a body that seems tailor-made for slim-fit shirts.


5 Exercises For Your Bicep And Tricep Workout

How to get bigger arms is the question that has led many of us to the doors of the gym. However, simple pushups won′t cut it anymore. That is why MH along with Avik De, personal trainer at Anatomy Gym, brings you a list of 5 exercises that can help you immensely with your bicep and tricep workout.

1. Trx Biceps Curl

Step 1: Start with your elbow bent higher than your shoulder, with your fingers aligned to your temples.


Fix Your Tight Hamstrings With These 5 Exercises

You're probably tasked with strenuous multi-joint moves like squats or deadlifts to work your lower half, which can be tough on your whole body. Then, exercises like lunges add even more punishing volume. If your leg muscles are tight going into the training session, you'll be looking at even more of a challenge — and you could put yourself at risk of injury if you push too hard.


Work Those Thighs And Hips With These 5 Exercises

It is crucial to keep your thighs and butt in shape. Not just because of how good they look but also because your lower body is constantly involved in various motions through your day. From climbing stairs to getting up and sitting down - your glutes are always working. “Your thighs have the sartorius muscle which is the longest muscle in your body and carries most of your body weight,” says Roseline Toppo, a National Powerlifter.