For Men, More Veggies May Mean Less Memory Loss

A new analysis of the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study finds that participants with diets high in vegetables and fruits had less cognitive decline.

Memo to men: As you′re reminding your kids or grandkids to eat their vegetables, take some of your own advice. It may reduce your risk for memory loss later in life.

That seems to be the take-home message of a recent study, published on November 21, 2018, in the journal Neurology.....


5 Simple Habits To Be The Healthiest Version Of Yourself

We're all trying our best to live life to the fullest while sticking to a healthy routine. But unfortunately, when you have thousands of options thrown at you daily, it's hard to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

No doubt you have a few bad habits you wish you could break and a few you wish you could keep up more often. But before you tell yourself that you should be doing this and doing that, let′s take a step back and consider the following:


This Is Exactly Why It's Manly To Meditate

Fellas. I′ve been meaning to have a chat with you for a while now. I know most of us like it straight so I′m going to serve it up that way.

It′s not soft to meditate.

In fact, it′s the one thing that has made me more of a man than anything else. The original reason i actually got into meditation had nothing to do with ‘finding myself′ or a spiritual quest for enlightenment (which by the way are in no means soft endeavours. They are just often seen as so from a male's perspective).


5 Things To Do Today To Avoid Heart Problems Tomorrow

We′re always told how certain foods are bad for our cardiovascular health and the ultimate way to dig your own grave. Even though it holds true that our diet goes a long way in determining our heart health, it′s not the only factor. So, how do we look out for potential heart problems? “The first sign of a potential disease is when you start gaining weight. The body is programmed to metabolise the food you eat. If it′s failing in any way, it′s a cause for concern,” says Dr Lenny Da Costa, Goa-based Anti Ageing Specialist and Cardiologist...


5 Herbs That Help Build Immunity

Change in weather often brings with it infections like cold, influenza, flu and tummy bugs as well as more serious health conditions. Many scientific studies have been conducted to certain the role of herbs and superfoods in improving the immune system. The results have shown that either due to the high nutritional value of these herbs or by their virtue of increasing the count of white blood cells, they fight the bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms which can cause illness.


Keeping Secrets Can Do Some Major Damage To Your Health

We are all aware that keeping a secret in a relationship can have an adverse effect on it. But it′s not just the relationship that goes through a hard time. A recent research has shown that keeping secrets not only negatively affects your relationship but your mental and physical health also.

How Did We Learn This

A research published in the Journal of Personality And Social Psychology ...


World Heart Day: The Connection Between Belly Fat & Heart Health

In the wake of upcoming World Heart Day, Saffolalife gave us a bit of a shocker. While generations before us have always considered a big gut a sign of prosperity, we′re the smarter generation and pretty much keep it in check. But no, as much we think we′ve got it under control, a recent study conducted in four cities, 837 people (419 males, 418 females) aged between 35-55 years with a BMI of 18 and above, in fact jolted us to the reality of the fact that every 2 out of 3 (67%) Indians with belly fat is at heart risk.


5 Food Items That Help With Hair Growth

Hair growth depends on 4 factors, age, genetics, health and diet. Out of these, diet is the only factor that can be controlled by us. If your family has a history of hair thinning you can do nothing about it but delay the process a little. Consuming food items that enhance hair growth can work as well. And this fact is true vice versa as well, if your diet is deficient in the nutrients that the following food offer, it can result in early hair loss. A recent study published in the Dermatology Practical And Conceptual Journal in 2017, shows direct connection between nutrient deficiency via diet and hair loss.


3 Science-Backed Ways Laughter Keeps You Healthy

They say laughter is the best medicine but is that really true? Does laughter actually help keep illnesses at bay? Turns out, it really does. Don′t believe us? Well, according to research, not only does laughing get you in high spirits and makes sure that you and everyone around you is happy, but it also helps keep your heart healthy and helps brain activity as well. Here is how laughing helps one stay healthy and happy.


5 Simple Tips To Improve Your Lifestyle

Proper diet is the key to good health and vigour. Sensible and healthy food habits right from childhood along with a good lifestyle improves the quality of life. A healthy and varied diet can help to maintain a healthy body weight, enhance general well-being and reduce the risk of a number of diseases including heart diseases, stroke, cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis. What we eat has a profound effect on our mind as well as the body. It is not only important as to what we eat but it is equally important as to how we eat. To lead a healthy life we need to have a balanced diet.